Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Goal Is To Help As Many People As Possible In Their Online Activity The Right Way.



My Name Is Mbonisi Mtunzi

I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. Ever since I was little I interest in science and all things about gadgets. For example I would go on opening my Desktop computer which my uncle brought me as a present instead of a four wheel drive bike. Day in day out I would accompany myself trying to figure out what a certain component of a computer does, sometimes I would get stroke by electricity in the way of trying to fix what I did not know.I would think my games were not functioning properly because something was wrong with things inside the CPU (I called it the metal rectangle).

When I grew older my Father bought a laptop where things became interesting now and then. The Laptop came with encarta , typing master pro , which my Father and Mom would say no games try learning how to type fast like your uncle and learn Science on Encarta.

Times went by when I developing like in creating websites in html , php and css. But it tool me time and I almost gave up web development , then one day surfing through the Internet , watching YouTube tutorials on  how to create a website , there popped a ads about WordPress. From that time onward I would try running wordpress site on local host until the day I knew hosting online.

There After came a time when I searched how to earn money online in Zimbabwe, that is the time I saw this guy Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma, from that day I was really interested in earning money online since there I high unemployment in Zimbabwe meaning as a secondary student you would not get a part time Job. But The Internet Made Things easier , although my first months I got scammed with quick get rich schemes .

So Today all that made me , and in a position to try and help other newbies not to go through the wrong ways I took.